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By Aylin Zakirova - 1/07/2018

Hey! Today we will be talking about a product that I found out about in 2016. It is the brow gel Gimmie Brow by Benefit. In 2016 Benefit focused on entirely brow products range and presented to us some perfect products. A lot of people even forgot about Anastasia BH brow products and started raving about benefit products.

Lets start with the packaging. All the products from this range are with almost the same design, like they came out of a fairy tale. They are easy to use and handy as well. I really like products like this.

The color range is good, but because the packaging is not transperant it is hard to choose. They are not named as well. You can choose from 1 to 5. I use number 5, which is a really dark brown almost black. Gimme brow has a really strange consistency. Ordinary tinted brow gel for locking the brows in place, but it has fibres that are stiking to your actual brow hair and makes your brows look more "hairy".Not in a bad way. Gives natural bushines.

However, it locks the brows increadibly. It is hard to clean it even in the shower. Using this product you will achieve the most natural brow look ever. Saves time.

Very economical product, because the brush picks up enough product every time. I use this product fo r quite some time and I still have more left. I have never used such product from a different brand. If you have used such brow product let me know. Let me know what you think. It costs 18,50 paunds. It is pricey. Let me know if there is a dupe for Gimme Brow by Benefit.
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