THE BODY SHOP® Almond milk body yogurt

By Aylin Zakirova - 6/08/2018

 Hi everyone! Long time no see. Unfortunately life has been very hectic lately. So I am really excited to present you a new launch from THE BODY SHOP. These people know how to treat our skin!
 Finally we got them as well in our Loughborough store! You can choose from 5 scents. I am simple as that, so I decided to go for the Almond milk one. I sniffed them all and they smell fantastic. If you are wondering what is the difference with all the creams that they have this thing is so thin and airy. And the best part is that it dries out only for 15 second and you are good to go. Amazing! I hate being all oily after my baths. But this product is a game changer. The fragrance is so beautiful. It almost smells as an expensive perfume. This product is not sticky! Amazing formula. I am really pleased with my choice. I heled me look more glowy and confident about my dry skin.
 Now for sure I will be more willing to try more THE BODY SHOP products!
 As you can see the product comes in a small pot - 198g (6.98 oz) I paid 8.50 paunds but you can use both in stores and online 15% off your purchase with the code :21805 . This code I got from the best UK vlogger Jorgan Lipscombe. Check her out !

Thank you so much for cheking my blog. Stay tuned for more and longer blog posts. I hope you liked this one!

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